STEMM is a range of daily care and treatments to support the health of follicles, scalp and, in turn, hair. Traditional haircare focuses on the only part of hair that is not living, the hair fibre itself. Stemm recognizes that the beauty of hair, its visible thickness, density and fullness, begins at the root and the range focuses on supporting hair health from the root up, while concurrently its formulations respect the integrity of the hair fibre itself and protect it from environmental, cleaning, over-conditioning, colouring and styling damage. Combining traditional nutrients like black fulvic acid, burdock root, clove and a comprehensive array of amino acids and minerals with highly-advanced forms of high-strength caffeine, creatine, high-stability sulphur and plant peptide isolates, Stemm creates an optimal environment for hair health, from follicle to fibre. In a way, Stemm is skincare for hair.
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